Species: Avocet (pied avocet)

The pied avocet, one of four species of avocet, is found in many coastal areas of Europe. They are wading birds whose long, thin legs and pointed, upward-curved beaks are well suited to crossing wet sand and mudflats and sweeping the brackish and saline waters for aquatic insects, larvae, crustaceans and worms. They tend to feed in shallow waters in large flocks and during the breeding season hundreds of pairs make nests in the nearby dunes, estuarine surroundings. Pied avocets are recognizable for their predominantly white plumage with sharply-delineated black areas on the head and wings giving them a ‘pied’ appearance.

There is more information about the pied avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta) available on the website of the RSPB.


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