Species: Common buzzard

Buzzards are found throughout Europe and in some parts of Asia. These relatively common birds of prey can often be seen soaring over hillsides and open ground where they hunt for small mammals. They are opportunist feeders and also feed off roadkill and earthworms and large insects in recently-worked ground. The plumage varies from brown to light brown, with darker wingtips and tail feathers that are finely barred (striped). They can be recognized by their distinctive cry which can resemble a cats meow and in springtime the male performs a unique airborne courting display. Pairs mate for life and breed in nests in trees or cliffs, raising 3-4 chicks most years.

There is more information about the Common buzzard (Buteo buteo) available on the website of the RSPB.

Photo banner: Ton Heekelaar

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