Species: Brant goose (Brent goose)

The Brant goose is a small (approximately wild mallard-sized) migratory member of the goose family. Their breeding grounds are in Siberia and the far North of Europe and they tend to migrate to coastal areas of Northern Europe, including the Netherlands, the Eastern UK and during the winter months. They can be distinguished from the Barnacle goose by their black head and neck with a small white fleck on the neck (Barnacle geese have a white head). The back tends to be black to grey and two groups of Brant geese are recognized depending on whether the chest has dark or pale plumage. They feed on vegetation, particularly coastal grasses.

There is more information about the Brant goose (Branta bernicla) available on the website of the RSPB.

Photo banner: Roy Slaterus

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