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Archive: 2016

Update bird-flu in the Netherlands

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N8 has been making headlines again in Europe since the end of October 2016. The first reports in the Netherlands were of increased death amongst wild tufted ducks and several other species of waterbirds in the Gouwzee and Wolderwijd. Subsequently, high death rates were
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Killed by an acorn!

In October the DWHC investigated the death of a roe deer fawn found in the Kromme Rijn area in the province of Utrecht. The fawn was thin and the tail and hind legs were soiled. Upon necropsy the cause of death was immediately apparent: a large acorn measuring 3,4 x 2,3 cm was found in the throat, blocking the
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Toxoplasmosis in red squirrels, an update

In the summer and autumn of 2014 hundreds of dead squirrels were reported to the DWHC; observers described them as literally falling dead out of the trees. Investigations carried out by the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre (DWHC) and the Zoogdiervereniging (the Dutch Organisation for Native Mammal Research and
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Reappearance of tularemia in the central Netherlands

In October 2016 tularemia re-surfaced in hares (Lepus europaeus) in the Kromme Rijngebied (province of Utrecht) and the Vijfheerenlanden region in the neighbouring province of Zuid-Holland. Evidence of the disease was found in hares submitted to the Dutch Wildlife Health Centre for postmortem investigations and
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Hundreds of reports of dead blackbirds

Hundreds of reports of dead blackbirds Usutu-virus detected in 8 Dutch provinces Joint message from the DWHC, Erasmus MC, Sovon, Vogeltrekstation NIOO-KNAW, Vogelbescherming
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Usutu virus in the Netherlands

Usutu virus was recently detected for the first time in the Netherlands but has been circulating in Europe for some time. To-date it has been identified in captive great grey owls (Strix nebulosa) and in living and dead blackbirds (Turdus merula).
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